1:1 Transformational Mentorships

 So often we forget the vastness of possibility that throbs beneath the surface of what is known. The narrowness of our perception, clouded by fear, anger, external pressures, etc. can act as a paralyzing force. Your experience of the world is only as big as your line of sight...and to expand beyond the nearsightedness of circumstance and influence you must diligently cultivate your neutral mind and your nervous system in order to step off the edge into infinity...

 Every journey is different and each individual is limitless. The goal is to see beyond your current storyline and into the vastness of possibility and to cross that threshold with dignity and grace. As the consciousness and energy on the planet shifts, our own consciousness and energy shifts. The energy of the behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles that we are engaged with, however, remain static. Which means we are finding ourselves living out lives we feel disconnected from, dissatisfied with or in deep conflict with.  

It is time to transform...

 I work with ambitious women who are on the precipice of transformation. Women who are ready to heal, love and create big. Women who are serious about being radiant, ecstatic and having a beautiful impact on the world. 


Women who:

Are ready to share their gifts and voice with the world in a powerful way

Are ready to decondition themselves from indoctrination or patriarchal patterns, thinking and habits

Are ready to heal trauma through a devotion to pleasure and joy

Are ready to awaken their inner guru, lover, freedom fighter, mystic and angel

Are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zones and feel their edges…(it’s the only way we expand)

If this sounds like you...

Please know a 3 or 6 month commitment is required in order for us to dive deep into your transformation. We don't play small together...we work hard to integrate the tools that will permanently shift your subconscious programming and internal resistance. Together we will push back the veils of illusion and look at your humanness and your brilliance with love, honesty and compassion. From there, we clear the path so we can rewrite your consciousness and blast off into an empowered and embodied existence.


If you feel called to this work, we will get on a 30-minute intro call to connect and see if we both feel that we are a fit together. To get on the waiting list for one of these calls, please fill out the form below.


3 Month Transformational Mentorship:

One initial 90-minute call and One weekly 60-minute call x 11/weeks

$3333 I One payment of $3333 or Two payments of $1750 or Three Payments of $1250

6 Month Transformational Mentorship:

Two initial 90-minute calls and one weekly 60-minute call x 22/weeks

$6666 I One payment of $6666 or Two payments of $3500 or Three Payments of $2400 or Six payments of $1250

Breakthrough Sessions are the only way to work with me without making a commitment in time. These sessions use counsel, breathwork, guided meditations, energy work and other healing modalities to jumpstart or help deepen your healing journey. This work is intense and moves a lot of energy so please only inquire if you are prepared to embark and engage with this kind of work. I ask that these sessions be considered as a "one off" when you are not in a package but have a pressing and urgent issue, or as a supplement to your package. Integration suggestions are offered at the end of each session to encourage you to continue deepening your work.