With the understanding that all physical manifestations of illness or pain have roots and access points for healing in the emotional, psychological and metaphysical realm, we are able to use the body as a instrument that leads to enlightenment, which clears the path for recovery.



What is Medicinal Wisdom Coaching?


Medicinal Wisdom Coaching is a holistic coaching experience designed to move you out of a chronic or acute physical experience. It is a relationship that begins in deep collaboration, as I lead you away from resisting and avoiding your body’s messaging towards listening to your body and answering its’ call. You will learn how to soften and respond instead of stiffen and react. We will navigate the murky waters of healing, peel back the layers of indoctrination, limiting beliefs and ancestral patterning that make and keep you sick and begin to truly heal. We will create a clear path forward. Cultivating a sustainable and nourishing identity outside the label of “sick person” is the grand reward of your efforts. You will transform from patient to healer as you learn to embody the tools and rituals of wellness. 



What can you expect?


Medicinal Wisdom Coaching requires of you an openness to change and a commitment to growth. You will be asked to identify areas of your life that are no longer working, behaviors, ideologies or beliefs that do not support your well-being and you will be tasked with remedying them. My job is to guide you and support you in both direction and action, but - as will all things - the only person who can truly heal you is yourself. You will become your most powerful and effective advocate and you will truly heal yourself from the inside out.



Is Medicinal Wisdom Coaching for you?


Nobody is exempt from having a physical experience until we leave our bodies, so throughout our lives we all experience discomfort, illness, pain and disease. If you find that your physical experience goes beyond normal aches and pains, is negatively impacting your life in ways that prevent you from living fully, is chronic or is urgent, Medicinal Wisdom Coaching might be a good avenue to explore. 


I have helped women with autoimmune disease, cancer, chronic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, infertility, PTSD, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, addiction and many other issues find relief and freedom. They have gone on to live full and inspiring lives. My unique methodology of intuitive coaching, lifestyle management, energy work, yogic science, Ayurvedic strategies, ritual creation and more help to identify the root of the issue and the proper healing path. 

Sessions are available via Zoom and in person by request.