Sarah Durham Wilson Presents

Bone Wisdom: Mother Retreat

June 6 - 9, 2019

Chilmark, MV 

THE MOTHER WORK explores the radical truth that midlife is not, as our culture proposes, where a woman’s power ends, but where it really begins.

But that power comes through an ancient initiation, a rite of passage out of girlhood into the full moon of maturity and sovereignty over your life.

In my own life and work with other women as a teacher and guide, I’ve discovered that so many young women, myself included, accepted the patriarchal lens that a woman’s beauty was her only power and that power was surface and fleeting.

Instead of entering the state of the Healthy Mother, or the Mature Feminine, so many women remain stuck as Wounded Maidens, desperately trying to stay young and girlish on the outside and in effect, remaining girls on the inside themselves- even as they move into midlife and beyond.

Through ritual, Inanna’s legend and my own story, I have recreated the buried bridge from Maiden to Mother to guide women to their fullness, wholeness, and to what I call the Throne.

We must call it back.

We must call it forth.

 We must call each other forth.

We must talk about it between each other, with each other.

We must talk about the power of Mother.

We must talk about the power of the fullness of a womxn in the full moon,

the full bloom,

the summer of her life in which she becomes and gives her greatest offering, her truest self.

We have to talk about this to make it,

to make our very lives





Shift the paradigm of your daily life and practice with mindful nutrition, meaningful movement and radical self love in one of the "coolest small towns in America"

June 28 - 30, 2019

Jim Thorpe, PA 

Who is the LumiNation?

We are Jamie Graber and Christina Nicole, two women who bonded and recognized each other as soul family during our Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. When we met, it was like getting struck by the happiest, most beautiful strike of lightening. Together, we have created an inspirational, joyful, hilarious, safe space to explore and expand, grow and teach, laugh and cry and love…

Our friendship and partnership is grounded in our kundalini yoga and meditation practice and a shared ambition to bring the transformative technologies we have learned to the planet in a beautiful way. We believe that spirituality needs to fit into your life, not become your life. It should make you look and feel radiant, agile, youthful, energetic, relaxed, calm, strong and alive, all within the framework of the world you currently inhabit. Through our workshops and events, you will learn how to love the life you live and be empowered to experience life in a brave, bold, joyful way. You can follow our journey HERE .

So, join US on

May 21st for a Kundalini Workshop

that will give you tools to

live in a space of calm and peace

When we gather, we amplify the power of our intentions. This event is an opportunity to engage in a nurturing community, aligned with the same goals, to remind you that you are not alone. It will be an evening to let go. 

You can expect: A conversation + Breathwork + Kundalini + and a Guided Reiki Meditation.


Bring your own Yoga mat, and a journal. There will be mats available to rent through the studio.