As a coach, a teacher, an intuitive and a woman, Christina will help you gain clarity in all aspects of your life and empower you to move forward towards living the highest vision of yourself. Creating a methodology that works for your unique personality and circumstance, Christina will teach you the tools you need to navigate and eventually shift your subconscious programming and your internal resistance and she will guide you as you create a new reality. 

Every journey is different but each individual is limitless - the goal in coaching sessions with Christina is to see beyond the story and into the vastness of possibility. Together, you will look at all aspects of your life and move to bring them into alignment, so as the path towards fulfillment makes itself clear you are well supported and ready to walk forward. 

"So often we forget the vastness of possibility that throbs beneath the surface of what is known. The narrowness of our perception, clouded by fear, anger, external pressures, etc. can act as a paralyzing force. Your experience of the world is a big as your line of sight...and to expand beyond the grasp of circumstance and influence you must diligently cultivate your neutral mind and your nervous system in order to step off the edge into infinity..."


- Christina Nicole

Sessions are available in person in CT & NYC and Globally via Zoom.