• Christina Nicole

Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya helps balance the hemispheres of the brain, breaks addictions, heals grief and heartbreak, allows the past to be processed and eliminates insecurity

Additional Benefits of Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya

Improved memory

Reduced Stress

Enhanced Brain Blood Flow

Increased Healthy Brain Size

Improved Brain Chemistry

Increased Telomerase (parts of genes that keep us young)

Decrease in Bad Genes

Improvement of Good Genes

Improved Sleep

Less Depression

Clarity of Purpose

Spiritual Well-being


To Begin:

1. Sit in easy pose with a straight spine.

2. Bring your hands together into a prayer position at your heart center.


Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya:

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine.

Cross the forearms below the wrist and place them in front of the chest. Arms should be out slightly, palms up, and angled a bit up towards the chest.

Eyes look down to the tip of the nose.

Begin to chant: Sa Ta Na Ma. The "a" sound is pronounced "ah", like in the word "saw."

Chant out loud and press the corresponding fingers to your thumb on each syllable:

Sa - Press thumb and index finger (brings knowledge)

Ta - Press thumb and middle finger (brings wisdom and patience)

Na - Press thumb and ring finger (brings vitality)

Ma - Press thumb and pinkie finger (brings enhanced communication)

To End:

Inhale and suspend your breath, roll your eyes back up and become completely still. Then exhale and relax.

Bring your hands together into a prayer position at your heart center.

Chant Sat Nam