About Me


I am a Lover, a teacher, a freedom fighter, a woman on a journey with a mission. I specialize in the art of self-healing, transformation and feminine embodiment. My purpose on this planet is to help others manifest grace and strength in their hearts, mind and spirits and to fully embody it in their lives. My destiny is to lift the world around me, and to do so by vibrating love so vibrantly and unapologetically that it infuses everyone I come into contact with.


I am a powerful teacher, a gifted intuitive and a practiced and devoted student on the endless and fascinating journey to healing and self-actualization. I believe that a strong meditation practice is the antenna to the soul, and that communication with and reverence for the messages of your soul will create a life beyond your wildest dreams, happiness beyond compare and abundance in ways that can only be described as miracles.


I don’t waste time playing small or making people comfortable - we are here to be great and evoke the miraculous together.


I am a mirror. A transmission of love, a blessed and sacred Beloved, a child of the wild, a disciple of discipline, a devout and grateful yogi, an unapologetic self-lover, a fierce and undeterred champion of those I love, a witch, a mystic, a channel, a seer, a rebel, a deep thinker, a boundary pusher, a human, a woman, a goddess, a ninja…I am the embodiment of my own fullness. I hold space for your full bloom and the process of discovery. I guide you through the stormy seas of your subconscious into the calm and rejuvenating waters of your own heart.


Over the past ten years, my clients have referred to me as a celestial doula of destiny, an angel warrior, their version of Martha Beck, indefatigable love, a fountain of wisdom and devotion, wild gentleness, the great transformer, a magician, the only healer they will ever work with, the lighthouse, and so much more. I love this because I truly do recognize myself as a mirror, and what they see as Me is really how they are experiencing themselves. That kind of exchange is the most beautiful thing.


What occurs during our sessions and courses is impossible to name, but I can guarantee you that you begin as one version of yourself and you emerge changed: healthy, healed, empowered and ready to take on the world. I hold your vision of greatness through all of your highs and all of your lows. When you are so close you feel like you can taste it and when you are ready to quit because it hurts like hell and seems like a distant dream. 


Together, we birth your healing and your dreams.